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Enlighten Up Your Day is an educational program in health and lifestyle. You will take an in-depth look at the four pillars of mental health – happiness, insight, practice, and resolve. We will teach you how to make beneficial changes in your habits of thinking so that you can have more of what you are seeking; clarity for your next life stage, security from stress, and to be in love with life.
You will learn to resolve stress, define your next path in life, and express your authentic self with greater ease and safety. We want you to learn how to identify what makes you truly happy and how to build on that through insight, practice and resolve. We work with individual students, by video or phone, using self-paced, online study materials.
Enlighten Up Your Day is co-taught by John Brian Ford, LMFT and Theresa Fluty. Drawing from years of private practice and personal application of cognitive behavioral therapy, Buddhist psychology, and the mind-body work of Aikido instruction, we created this innovative program. We teach individual students in  30 minute sessions twice a month. Fees are $30 per session.
Having a better understanding of why you feel the way you feel and how to better manage your overall emotional state provides you with a tremendous advantage in life. Making lasting changes to behavior needs time: time to reflect and time to put new skills into practice. Our program offers you the freedom to learn, reflect, and thrive at your own pace.

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