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We teach the neuropsychology of happiness, equanimity, and emotional resilience.

Certification Program

Our Certification Program provides a targeted education of the four pillars of mental health – happiness, insight, practice, and resolve. You will take an in-depth look at the cause and effect of human emotion and the neuropsychology of happiness. This certification is ideal for healthcare professionals, teachers, therapists, social workers and, life coaches. The Enlighten Up Your Day program certification is accredited by John Brian Ford, licensed marriage and family therapist in California and Oregon, and Theresa Fluty, Enlighten Up Your Day co-founder, teacher, and Aikido instructor.


Auto Process Therapy empowers you to be the expert when it comes to your mental health. Auto Process Therapy is an effective combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and Buddhist psychology. It’s equal parts process and education. The educational component is important because without it you can’t be said to be doing Auto Process therapy. The processing aspect is important because if we don’t connect the dots ourselves the information isn’t as meaningful.

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