Welcome to Enlighten Up Your Day


Enlighten Up Your Day is an online video book available as a subscription service. In each chapter you’ll find a concise workbook, personal videos illustrating the skills you’ll learn, a guided mindfulness video, and a professional’s view in clinical considerations. We upload a new chapter each month. Innovative and easy to learn, you’ll feel calm, resilient and confident in the face of life’s many challenges. The monthly subscription of 6.99 is inexpensive and does not require a long-term obligation. Enlighten Up Your Day is for everyone interested in mental health and emotional well-being. Don’t let life distract you – subscribe now.
We are Brian Ford and Theresa Fluty.
Drawing from years of private practice and personal application of cognitive behavioral therapy, Buddhist psychology, and the mind-body work of Aikido instruction, we created this innovative video book.
Having a better understanding of why you feel the way you feel and how to better manage your overall emotional state provides you with a tremendous advantage in life. It increases your ability to effect positive change, reduces stress and anxiety, and allows you to be more successful in every way. It is for this reason that Theresa and I created Enlighten Up Your Day. It’s easy to understand, self-paced, practical to use in everyday situations, and supports mind – body integration through mindfulness practices.
Understanding ourselves and making lasting changes to behavior needs time: time to reflect and time to put new skills into practice. Enlighten Up Your Day offers the freedom to learn, reflect, and thrive at your own pace. Each video tutorial is short, intelligent, and builds to the next set of skills and insights. New chapters are added every month that offer a range of therapeutic topics.