Enlighten Up Your Day Certification Program

A targeted education of the four pillars of mental health.

Wherever you are right now, one thing you can do is take a step in the direction of clarity and happiness. At any given moment we have the power to make a choice. This power is the only thing that we have complete control over. The question we need to ask ourselves is if our next action is going to make things better or worse.
We teach effective, evidenced-based information with a clear path to happiness. Four factors make up the foundations of mental health – happiness, insight, practice, and resolve. Cultivating these four factors vastly improves life experience. You will have the ability to help yourself and others gain emotional equilibrium, build a mindset of positivity and optimism, and understand the neuropsychology of happiness. Our 2023 Program, month to month curriculum, is outlined below. We encourage you to take a look at the study materials now. You’ll find the materials in our video book. Subscribe now for free.
Tuition is $195 per month. You pay your first month’s tuition when you register. This holds your place and allows us to know when the program is full. This is an in-person, small group training with a maximum of nine students per program. Our 2023 Certification Program starts January 7, 2023 and runs month to month through February 24, 2024. We will have a summer and winter break with no classes and no tuition due during the months of July, August, and December. Classes will be held on Saturdays from 10 – 11:30 am at Eugene Mindworks.

$195 Tuition. Register now using any of the methods below.

January – March 2023

Basic level engages you in the alchemy of transforming stress to flow. These are the chapters you’ll be working with in Basic.

Check out the course materials now. Subscribe to our video book for free!

Chapter One: The Emotional Engine

Chapter Two: Understanding the Ego

Chapter Three: Cardinal Values

Chapter Four: Mindfulness

April – June 2023

In Advanced level you access joy to help you clarify your life’s path. These are the chapters you’ll be working with in Advanced.

Chapter Five – Distortions of Thinking

Chapter Six – What is a Schema?

Chapter Seven– Thriving

Chapter Eight – Inner Wisdom

September – November 2023 and January – February 2024

Resolve invites you to develop a joyful life of mental health. These are the chapters you’ll be working with in Resolve.

Chapter Nine – The Compassion Triangle

Chapter Ten –  Self-Fullness

Chapter Eleven – Defense Mechanisms

The final steps in your certification process are a: Written Exam, Essay and Presentation.

About the Creators of Enlighten Up Your Day

My name is Brian Ford and I am a marriage and family therapist, licensed in California and Oregon. My practice incorporates elements of Buddhist mindfulness training, aikido, yoga, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Over the course of my work as a therapist I have developed Auto Process Therapy (self-in-process-therapy) which assumes our core nature to be positive, adaptive, and having tremendous potential for happiness and wellbeing.  I have worked with children and families in a variety of clinical settings and I am trained in the Triple P, Positive Parenting Program approach to child rearing. I authored Auto Process Therapy: A Therapeutic Application of Buddhist Psychology, (revised, expanded edition).

I’m Theresa Fluty and I began my partnership with Brian Ford in the co-operation of Heart Tree Studios in Sacramento, California. When I first saw Aikido in 1989 it awoke a desire in me to experience my connection to life, recognize the significance of all beings, and to trust love beyond anxiety and fear. After completing a teacher apprenticeship program with John Smartt, founder of New School Aikido, I spent the next fifteen years co-leading the Aikido Center in Sacramento, California. From the beginning of my Aikido career I was taught that its principles are to be lived. Heart Tree Studios was an evolution of Aikido in me. Now I teach the principles of Aikido through the prism of Enlighten Up Your Day.